miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010


Sweater: Loose Sweater Black -MAKNIE
Hair:  Rosey love platinum ( hat included) -(Posh)
Bag: Unknown store
Boots:  fur boots -*...syaka...*
Gloves: Brown gloves fur ( I don't wear fur) -.+*aya V*+.
Paper Bag:  Paper Bag(apple)   -=F=(*SW* Hunt)
Apple: apple(ao) ( click the paper bag, you can get it.  )

I resized this loose sweater much. It looked nearly one-piece for me in the default size. I am just really short.
(my height numerical value was 0 when I am trying this sweater for the first time. :3c)
Default looking is below one!! Comes in four colors! 

@MAKNIE main store

By Elle

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