sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

Sucha Lady

Skin: Paper Couture - Fall '10 Look - Pale - Cat Eye
Outfit: Modern Gypsy - MFW2010-MODERN GYPSY-PARACLETA Ensemble
Shoes: CheerNo FEMME -  Julia Shoes[Cod Gray]
Bag: LMK - Leather hold-all bag (Black)
Necklace: House of Fox - Cross Necklace
Hat: Paper Couture - Second Glance Leafy Hat [Part of Second Glance Dress Suit][From xstreet]
Glasses: Paper Couture - Flashbulb Sunglasses - Black
Earrings: Modern Gypsy - COUTURE Earring
Ring: Paper Couture - Times Square Ring - Black and White Diamond[From xstreet]

By: Fashionboi Landar

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